Over the years, Transition Ventures has been fortunate to work with leaders in the field of regenerative design on visionary projects seeking to take a pro-active role in the transition to a just and thriving economy.  Some examples of past clients include: 

Project Development

Avalon Springs

Shortly after the founding members secured the land that was to become Avalon Springs, they asked Transition Ventures to help them translate their vision of an eco-village into action.  First, we recruited Arkin-Tilt Architectsan award-winning firm specializing in energy and resource efficient design to lead the design.  Sentient Landscape was brought on to design and install the elements of the site outside the building envelopes, while Bill Wilson was recruited to address hot-springs and other water resources.  Transition Ventures handled the project management and coordination between the firms, facilitating early design charrettes and acting as the liaison to the county.  Later, Exos Design was brought on to complete the Master Plan.  At this point, Transition Ventures had also helped develop the internal team, and completed services as Avalon Springs took on the day to day operations.   

Feasibility Studies

Organic Waste to Vermicompost Conversion Facility, City of Fort Bragg, California

In October of 2010, Transition Ventures was asked by The Noyo Food Forest (a California 501 (c) 3 that cultivates a healthy local food system by providing opportunities for education, social enterprise, and community involvement) to respond to a Request for Proposals (RFP) by the City of Fort Bragg (FB) to author a feasibility study and pilot project for the conversion of commercial organic waste into compost, vermicompost, or another product.  Transition Ventures' proposal  was selected by FB city staff, and in early 2011 we began a year long project looking into the options available given the context of Federal and State regulations, as well as the remote nature of the community.  In January of 2012, our Vermicompost Feasibility Study (PDF) was unanimously accepted by the Fort Bragg City Council.  

Social Media and Communications

ChrisMartenson.com (now PeakProsperity.com)

In the "early days" of Twitter and Facebook's rise to prominence, the value of Social Media was difficult to justify, in terms of financial ROI or the commitment of personnel resources, particularly for start-ups not in the tech industry.  Transition Ventures consulted with Chris Martenson and his staff in 2009, educating them on the benefits of harnessing Social Media to expand their reach and deliver their message to new and established followers.  We designed a Social Media strategy and helped integrate the technology to be a natural extension of their workflow.  (Chris Martenson is the creator of The Crash Course, an excellent series that explores the intersection of Economy, Energy, and the Environment, including the vulnerabilities we must address in the coming years.)